Nicole Justina Alvarez

Model | Mother | Model Coach | Makeup Artist

Nicole has always had a creative side to her. When growing up she enjoyed acting as a teacher and would also practice playing school at home with her sisters. As she got older she realized working with children was something she wanted to do so she per sued that by studying childcare at college. The year she was due to go to university her life took a different direction.

In 2012 Nicole finally was able to go to university although she was not able to get on to the course she initially wanted to do, she was given an alternative so she studied Education for 3 years. Within her 2nd year of being at University she really enjoyed her module on youth and was unsure what she wanted to do when she finished university. In 2013 she moved to London as commuting from Basingstoke to London was to much. Within a couple of days of being back in London she was scouted on the street on her way to university by a fashion student. At first it did not seem like it was legit but after looking into it and deciding to take part it was the first open door to Nicole's modelling career. After doing 2 catwalk shows she enjoyed the fact of being a model and decided to look into it. Later on that year she was shortlisted to be in an upcoming editorial black magazine by the name of "Nu People"and started to continue putting her face in the industry.

In August of 2013 she signed to model agency called UKBFE which also opened up more doors for Nicole. She started as a model and then worked her way up to an event assistant and then eventually the model coach/ coordinator. The more industry people she started meeting and networking with the more she started to get established within the industry. Nicole also took part as a model in the FDC Young Designers Awards where she was asked by Erwin Michalec which was one of the designers taking part to model for his collection. During the show Erwin won 2nd place in the Radical Designer category and she was chosen to be the model who held the award.

As the new year kicked in Nicole started to get back into modelling.Nicole also wanted to try something new and liked the fact of being her own boss and running her own company which is why she decided to become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Although she doesn't know much about makeup and skincare she was willing to learn and the team she works with at Mary Kay were willing to teach and help her learn. Since being with Mary Kay she has won the award "Miss MK Image twice in a row. Nicole then tried out for a modelling competition and was picked as one of the final contestants for the Face of Deana Kamille 2014. Although she did not win it she enjoyed the experience and was able to learn a lot from what it is like to compete against other models in the industry. The year was turning out to be a good one as she really made a name for herself in the industry. In July of 2014 she took part in the first series of Ever in Vogue where she was asked to come and coach the models and then also won an award for "Best Posture". In October 2014 is when Nicole, Gio and Emmanuel decided to come up with their own modelling agency which was the next step for Nicole's career. The company was first known as "Phresh Model Management" until the company undertook new management which it then changed to "Exquisite Model Management. Since managing Exquisite it has really helped Nicole's self confidence and she can see her hard work paying off. In May 2014 Nicole got nominated for the "Best Legs" Award at the Afro Model Awards and was shocked when she won and even got the pleasure of having the Mayor of Hackney to give her the award. She has finished University and looking for ways to continue to make the company a success.

" I want thank my mum so much for being one of my biggest supporters as she has seen me grow as a person and helped me achieve the things I am today. My daughter Lateisha is the one person who keeps me going as she reminds me so much of myself, seeing her grow each day encourages me more to continue supporting the children and young people of today and lastly GOD. The lord has brought me through some tough times that I never thought I would come through. God has also given me the strength to bounce back from being betrayed and unloved by the people who you think will support and have your back the most, but I thank him for that because without it I wouldn't be able to understand or appreciate things in life and it has made me cherish and be grateful for the things I have. I just want to say that never let anyone tell you that you CANT do something because you CAN do anything if you put your mind to it. Never change who you are to fit in the crowd because by doing that your not being true to yourself. In order to make others happy you have to be happy within yourself. Sometimes you may think that you have it hard but there is always someone who is in a worst off position that you are in and you never know you story may encourage them to keep the faith and not give up."

Exquisite Model Management

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