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About Us


Exquisite was built upon 3 young people and their talents. We decided to start a modelling and talent agency for young people 14-25 years. We came up with this idea because we all model ourselves and all have a different talents we feel we can bring to the agency.

Nicole has worked with children since 14/15 years old and enjoys what she does. She also does modelling as a hobby and wanted to in cooperate the 2 things together. Emmanuel is a drummer and been playing the drums since he was 5 years old and has a real passion for music. Lastly is Gio who is very into fashion and up to date with trends and also loves modelling.

Once we all spoke we thought that the talents we have work well together and we could give back to the community by having this business. The company is all about promoting self confidence and allowing young people to use the company as a platform to break into the fashion and modelling industry. The company also gives a platform to upcoming designer's, makeup artist, hairstylist to promote what they do.

We had our launch event at Middlesex University on the 25th April 2015 which allowed people to see the new models we signed to the company and what the company is about.

The company under took new management in July 2015 and have been working towards bigger and better things.